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Documentation - ICID Meeting, Beijing 2005 :
Necessity of linking irrigation systems typology
and performance indicators analyzing and validation. (0.2 MB)
A Rapid appraisal procedure to Access the performance of
Irrigation Systems. (0.33 MB)
Benchmarking of Australian Irrigation water provider business. (0.54 MB)
L'apport des échanges pour l'adaptation de 4 systèmes
irrigués traditionnels du Sud de la France. (0.17 MB)
Irrigation control for a sustainable management of
TADLA irrigation perimeter. (0.15 MB)
Evaluation based on quality and efficiency indicators in the Mexican
irrigation modules and districts. (1.12 MB)
Report on Benchmarking of irrigation projects
in Maharashtra 2003-04. (1.40 MB)
Performance evaluation of Patna main canal command.(1.12 MB)
Documentation - Australia :
Benchmarking Data Report for 2003/2004 - Tier 1 (5.13 MB)
Benchmarking Data Report for 2003/2004 - Tier 1 & 2 (5.77 MB)
Benchmarking Data Report for 2005 - Tier 1 (0.33 MB)
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